Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I've made my first SIX albums FREE / Pay what you want. At the very least this will be until it has blown over. All links are below.

General Enquiries:
Booking: Stephen Moss (Echelon Talent Agency) UK/Europe -

Also, I have a tumblr ran by a dope guy called Zach, here's the link to that: DEADLIFE tumblr




Dark Nation (2020)


City of Eternal Rain (2020)

Singularity (2019)

Rebel Nights (2019)

Orphan (2019)

Variations on the Resolve (2018)

The Order of Chaos (2018)

Bionic Chrysalis (2017)


Downpour (2020) [from City of Eternal Rain]

Strands Unravel (2020) [from City of Eternal Rain]

No Longer Human (2020) [FiXT Neon ALTERED Compilation track]