Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I've made my first SIX albums FREE / Pay what you want. At the very least this will be until it has blown over. All links are below.

General Enquiries:
Booking: Stephen Moss (Echelon Talent Agency) UK/Europe -

Also, I have a tumblr ran by a dope guy called Zach, here's the link to that: DEADLIFE tumblr



City of Eternal Rain (2020)

Singularity (2019)

Rebel Nights (2019)

Orphan (2019)

Variations on the Resolve (2018)

The Order of Chaos (2018)

Bionic Chrysalis (2017)


Downpour (2020) [from City of Eternal Rain]

Strands Unravel (2020) [from City of Eternal Rain]

No Longer Human (2020) [FiXT Neon ALTERED Compilation track]